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Breads prepared using a commercial prototype sponge-and·dough formulation with no added gluten and containing white wheat bran:carrageenan blends or white wheat bran:carragcenan laminates (I 0% by weight nour replacement) had acceptable loaf volumes and crumb grain scores. Doughs con taining white wheat bran:carragccnan blends had a hi gher water absorption and longer mi xing time than doughs con taining wheat bran: carragecnan laminates wi th the same quantity of carrageenan . The addi tion of carrageenan to doughs resu lted in a hi gher water absorpti on va lue compared to the doughs contai ning wheat bran only. Breads made wi th wheat bran:carragccnan ( 10% nou r repl acement) had enhanced loaf volume and improved crumb grain score compared to breads with comparable quantities of wheat bran. Scanning electron micrographs of the breads containing 10% flour replacement of the wheat bran :carrageenan blends or laminates may indicate that perforations of the gluten and gelatinized starch matrix in the wheat bran breads containing the carrageenan may be more uniform , and the perforations smaller than in breads containing untreated wheat bran at the same flour replacement level.

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