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As part of a series of experiments on heating of a comminuted meat system , image analyses were conducted to quantify microstructural changes that could be visualized by light microscopy. Three different batches of comminuted meat were investigated. Two batches (A and B) were prepared without polyphosphate; one of these (B) was deliberately overchopped. One batch containing 0. I% polyphosphate was prepared (C). All batches were heated at I I different temperatures ranging from 40 to 115 °C. The microstructure of the three types of meat batte rs at the end of the com minu tion process differed. These types of meat batters al so revealed a diffe re nt pattern of fat and j elly release after the different temperatu re treatment s. This coinc ided with microstruc tural changes. The tatter included changes in the a real percentage , numerical density, shape factor , and size distribution of pores in the protein matrix measured in defatted histological sections. The highest mobility of fat and jelly was associated with the highest area percentage {A and C) and number of pores (A , Band C).

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