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During germination at l6°C, whole seeds and distal half-seeds of Klages barley and two types of Clipper barley (Types A and B) were analyzed for a -amylase . Structural changes in the endosperms of these seeds and half-seeds were examined by scanning electron microscopy. In Clipper B half-seeds, Q-amy base activity increased significantly , there was a detectable amount of starch granule hydrolysis and endosperm structure was markedly degraded. No starch hydrolysis and only trace amounts of a-amylase and endosperm degradation were detected i.n Clipper A and Klages halfseeds. The rewns significant a -amylase synthesis, starch hydrolysis and endosperm degradation in germinated whole seeds of al l three barley cultivar.c; . Changes were most pronounced in Clipper 13 . Starch degradation appeared to start in areas of the endosperm close to the embryo .

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