Food Structure

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Determination of Element Concentrations in Fresh and Processed Vegetables by Quantitative X-Ray Microanalysis


Within the cell walls and Cytoplasm of fresh, blanched, boiled and rehydrated carrots and green bean pods the element concentrations were measured by energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis in the scanning transmission electron microscope. Based on a set of calibration standards which had been prepared before, the element concentrations calculated mM/ kg wet weight. Fresh green bean pods and fresh carrots do not differ in the kind, but 1n the concentration of the elements they contain . In the course of blanching and boiling, elements are gradually removed from the tissues. The concentrations. measured in the rehydrated tissue cor~espond to those found in the blanched or boiled samples.That means, a. further leaching of elements during rehydration did not take place, except for potassium which is leached from the tissue to a very large extent into the rehydration medium.

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