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Starch model systems were examined by electron spin resonance (ESR) techniques with either 16-DOXYL-stearic acid or TEMPO spin probes in water or hexane. Room temperature starchwater- 16-DOXYL-stearic acid spectra showed strong adsorption occurred between the starch and probe. Starch-water-TEMPO spectra at room temperature did not show strong adsorption between starch and probe, but did show some slowed motion of the probe as a result of different local environments experienced by the probe within the starch granule. Starch-water-probe spectra from systems heated from 45-95° C showed no major differences from unheated samples. Also, no major spectral differences existed for each starch system combination studied: wheat starch, hexane extracted wheat starch, waxy cornstarch, or high amylose cornstarch. Spectra from unheated wheat starchhexane- probe systems did not show that starchprobe interactions occurred.

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