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The viscoelastic properties and mean drop size (Om) of corn oil-in-water emulsions stabllized by 0.5-1.5% (wt/wt) 7S soybean proteins have been examined at various pH•s . Changes 1n these parameters when the ernul sions were stored at 4-5°C were measured also. Viscoelasticity ~arameters were derived from time-dependent strain behaviour at a constant low shear stress of 41 .7 dyne cm- 2. Although each emulsion showed a continuous increase in D during storage, due to drOIJ coalescence, 1l"s instantaneous elastic modu l us (G) rose initially over several days to an op£imum value and then subsequently decreased, The trends in D and G , which indicat ~d that the dominant proce$0! during early storage was drop flocculation and drop coalescence at longer times, were used to deduce the structure of the flocculated drop networks.

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