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The effects of alkali extraction, isoelectric precipitation, and rate of ice crystal formation on protein interaction in the freeze texturization process were studied , The protein isolate was obtained from mechanically deboned poultry meat residues by extraction with NaOH at pH 10.5 and precipitation by HCl at pH 5, 0, The presence of large molecular weight subunits in the protein isolate was revealed by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Scanning electron microscopy demonstrated the nature of the fiber formation and protein cross-linking as affected by freezing at -25'C or -196'C. The transformation of the level of protein organization from the lumpy or granulated nature of the unfrozen sample to the highly spongy and randomly oriented protein mass (-196'C) or to the highly organized, parallel sheets of interconnected, unidirectionally frozen protein (-25"C) was illustrated.

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