Food Structure


E. Kirst


Lipolytic changes in milk rat affect sensory attributes and techno logicaI properties of milk and milk products. They are affectcd by physiologal, thermal . and biochemical factors as well as by the mechanics of fluids Lipolytic processes in milk are intensified by modern processing methods.

In this review. special attention has been paid to runinant- related feeding of dairy cows. foaming of milk. mechanical and thermal influences and the growth of psycllrotrophic bacteria.

Feeds deficient in energy affect the chemical composition of the milk fat. Tests have shown that on an average. approximatey 55% of free fatty acids in the raw milk pass into the cream and the rest passes into the skim milk. ln the froth churning process. approximately 0.15 nunol free fatty acids per 100 g of fat pass into buttermilk.

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