Food Structure


In a series of experiments on a comminuted meat system, image analyses were conducted to quantify changes in structure as affected by polyphosphate, fat level, and chopping time and temperature. Four batches of comminuted meat were investigated which contained neck beef, pig head meat, rino, ice, salt (2%), fat at a level of either 27 or 40%, and polyphosphate at a level of either 0 or 0. 5%. Structural changes in different stages of comminution coincided with a shift in size distribution, shape factor, density and area percentage of fat particles. The density of the protein matrix (matrix defined as all disintegrated tissues, without intact pieces of muscle fibres, connective tissue and fat cell clusters) was markedly affected by polyphosphate. Polyphosphate led to a fine dispersion of the fat, as reflected by the formation of a larger proportion of fat droplets smaller than 3.5 um2. Results indicate that in meat batters physical entrapment of larger fat particles as well as emulsification of smaller droplets occur simultaneously in the course of fat stabilization.

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