Food Structure


Porosity and specific gravity were determined in Blue cheeses made from (A) homogenized 14% fat pasteurized cream standardized to 3.9% fat with pasteurized skim milk, (B) homogenized 14% fat raw cream standardized to 3.9% fat with raw skim milk, and (C) pasteurized milk (3.9% fat). There were no significant differences between cheeses made from (A) a nd (B) in porosity and specific gravity. Cheeses made from (A) and (8) had greater porosity, lower specific gravity and more, but smaller holes than cheese made from (C). The negative linear relation ship between porosity and specific gravity, and the insignificant differences in fat and moisture content in cheese made from (A), (B) and (C) suggest that many of the holes contained air and not whey.

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