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Microscopial application in the Mead Corporation are herein discussed: 1) defining proper starch cook for maintaining paper quality, 2) microbial degradation of paperboard used for beverage cartons, and 3) examination of high oxygen barrier plastic cups for hermetic seal and barrier construction. Visualization of the cooked starch by iodine staining and polarized light (PL) microscopy is a quick diagnostic aid to Mead mills. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and particularly PL proved useful in examining fiber biodegration by fungi on Coated Natural Kraft beverage cartons. Nomarski differential interference contrast (DIC), PL, and SEM aided in qualifying lid materials for Mead's Crosscheck Food Packaging System, defining hermetic seals, and examining container construction. Further, DIC optics have enhanced the observation of possible abnormalities in container construction used on Cross-check over conventional Kohler optics and/or SEM. Integrative microscopy was thus a valuable technique in problem resolution for the defined applications.

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