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Approval of 1 October 2020 Minutes

Program Proposals

  • Correct the acronym from Police Officers Standards and Training to Peace Officer Standards and Training.
  • Offer an Associate of Arts in Art at the USU Eastern campus.
  • Create a new Consulting Minor.
  • Change the name of the Center for Persons with Disabilities to the Institute for Disability Research, Policy and Practice.
  • Create a certificate of proficiency in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.
  • Discontinue the Bachelor of Arts and Science in Biology Ecology/Biodiversity as well as the Biology: Environmental Bachelor of Arts and Science emphasis.
  • Discontinue the Biology: Environmental program.
  • Change the emphasis program name from Ecology/Biodiversity in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science to Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
  • Restructure the current Master of Computer Science program to a 33-credit professional, coursework- only degree.

Semester Course Approval Reviews

Other Business

  • Revised EPC/Curriculum Handbook
  • Course Objectives
  • T-Grade Courses