Educational Policies Committee

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Curriculum Subcommittee Agenda


Old Main 136 (Champ Hall Conference Room)

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Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences

  • Prerequisite Change
  • New Course, Pass/Fail

School of Applied Sciences, Technology and Education

  • Prerequisite Change
  • Course No Change

Art and Design

  • Delete Course
  • New Course, Restriction, Prerequisites
  • Inactivate Course
  • Restriction
  • Restriction, Repeatable
  • Restriction, Prerequisites, Credit Hour Change, Repeatable
  • Prerequisites, Restriction
  • Remove Repeatable


  • Prerequisite Change
  • Title Change, Course Description Change, Restriction
  • Inactivate Course
  • Credit Hour Change
  • Description Change, Prerequisite Change, Info Item
  • Course Description Change, Prerequisite Change, Restriction
  • Prerequisite Change, Restriction
  • Restriction, Credit Hour Change, Repeatable

Theatre Arts

  • Restriction
  • Credit Hour Change

Health, Physical Education and Recreation

  • New Course

Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

  • Course Description Change
  • Course Description Change, Grade Mode Change

Special Education and Rehabilitation

  • New Course
  • Title Change

School of Teacher Education and Leadership

  • New Course, Prerequisites
  • Remove Restriction
  • New Course

Biological Engineering

  • New Course

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • New Course
  • Title Change

Computer Science

  • New Course


  • Title Change
  • Course Description Change

Language, Philosophy and Communication Studies

  • New Course, P/F, Repeatable
  • Prerequisite Change

Political Science

  • Course Number Change, Discontinue Multi-List, Prerequisite Change

Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology

  • Prerequisite Change

Wildland Resources

  • Course Description Change, Restriction


  • Renaming the Master of Education degree to the Master of Education in Educational Technology and Learning Sciences
  • Discontinuing all specializations affiliated with both the Education Specialist and Master of Science degree programs
  • Approving a specialization in Higher Education/Student Affairs within the existing Master of Education degree
  • Offering a Landscape Management Certificate
  • Offering a Bachelor of Science degree in Outdoor Product Design and Development degree
  • Curriculum Committee deadlines and submissions
  • Language to define Prerequisite(s) vs. Restriction(s)