Educational Policies Committee

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Curriculum Subcommittee Minutes


Old Main 136 (Champ Hall Conference Room)

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Department of Plants, Soils, and Biometeorology

  • Title Change

College of Business

  • Prerequisite Change

Department of Economics

  • Title Change
  • Delete Course

Department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development

  • Course Description Change, Dual List

Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation

  • New Course

Department of Psychology

  • New Course

College of Engineering

  • Prerequisite Change

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Prerequisite Change
  • Title Change

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • New Course
  • Credit Hour Change, Prerequisite Change, Course Description Change
  • Credit Hour Change, Course Description Change
  • Title Change, Credit Hour Change
  • Title Change, Credit Hour Change, Course Description Change, Course Number Change
  • Prerequisite Change
  • Course Number Change
  • Delete Course

Department of Engineering and Technology Education

  • Credit Hour Change

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Prerequisite Change
  • Add Multiple List, Prerequisite Change

Department of History

  • University Studies Designation Change

Department of Environment and Society

  • Change P/F to letter grade

Department of Forest, Range, and Wildlife Sciences

  • University Studies Designation Request


  • Advertising the job description for the Dean of Graduate Studies and VP for Graduate Education
  • The Budget and Faculty Welfare committee routing procedure
  • Course Prefix change for Engineering and Technology Education
  • The 2005-06 deadlines for curriculum changes
  • Prerequisites in the Banner system
  • Changes for the Curriculum Subcommittee Handbook
  • Dual majors and composite majors
  • MATH 1050 and its uses as a general education requirement