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In this study we researched the power that consumers have to decrease climate change through the consumption of meat. Using literature and studies that have already been conducted, we compared the inputs of meat production to those of other crops. We also studied the role that raising livestock has on climate change. We found that livestock raising has a more significant impact on climate change than transportation in terms of greenhouse gasses. Livestock also uses far more land and water resources than raising crops. In this study we also analyzed the types of realistic changes that consumers can make in their diet and the potential reversal impact that it could have on climate change. These changes include avoiding red meat, going meatless one day per week, or even going meatless all together by consuming only meat substitutes. Our objective in this study is to show how buying and consuming more meatless products can make small but significant impacts on climate change.


Utah State University

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Can Buying Meatless Products Decrease Climate Change?

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