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During the nationwide Covid-19 shutdown, there has been a surge in demand for man's best friend. As American animal shelters have issued calls for help amidst strained resources, adoptions have reached a level never before seen. Being isolated for an uncertain amount of time has encouraged many American families to bring home a new four-legged member. These so-called "Pandemic Puppies" have been a ray of sunshine in a dim world situation.

Few artworks could better represent the current pet-owning situation than Paul Gauguin's "Still Life with Three Puppies". Although painted in 1888, many similarities can be drawn between the painting and our current circumstances. The setting of the artwork is personal and domestic, as is a typical quarantine day. At the same time, the composition is borderline cluttered and confusing, similar to the state of the world. The focus of the painting and its namesake, however, is three happy puppies, bringing joy to the viewer. For many, puppies brought joy to our lives during a challenging and unprecedented time. This project explores the concept and purpose of Pandemic Puppies in the lives of Americans through a parody artwork of Gauguin's famous work.


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Still Life with Three Puppies

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