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The Southwest United States has been severely impacted by climate change. Already the driest region of the US, temperatures in the area have risen approximately 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the previous century ("Climate Impacts in the Southwest", 2017). Those temperatures are expected to rise by 3.5 to 9.5 degrees before the end of the current century ("Climate Impacts in the Southwest", 2017). In a region already considered to have many drought areas, this temperature increase will stress water sources, making the competition between farmers, urban areas, and native groups to become more intense. The same temperature increases that cause severe drought in inland areas will also contribute to rising seas in coastal areas ("Southwest", 2014) The following crops all possess unique characteristics which enable them thrive, not merely survive, in these discouraging conditions. The drought resistant features of these crops are discussed in relation to soil preferences, growing conditions, and profitability.


Utah State University

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Drought Tolerant Plants for the Western United States in Response to Climate Change

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