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Utah State University Undergraduate Research Showcase

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J.R. Dennison, USU Dept. of Physics


Space Italian Dressing Experimental Setup (SIDES) examines the dynamics of fluid segregation between fluids of differing densities. While in space the fluids will not undergo buoyant or convective forces, thus isolating the affects of separation due to density and molecular forces. The experiment will serve as an outreach experiment in addition to gleaning scientific data; mixtures are a topic of study in the 5th grade curriculum.

The objective of International Paper Airplanes in Space (IPAS) is to excite children about space research by giving them a chance to take part in it. IPAS includes collecting paper airplanes made by elementary-school students from around the world. The airplanes will be sent to the International Space Station to determine the effects of microgravity on paper airplane flight. The data will be recorded, collected, and then disseminated.

Research on the Effects of Microgravity on the BRazil NuT problem (REMBRANT) examines the affects of inertia on granular separation. The experiment includes two to four different bead sizes in one container that will be shaken and recorded to evaluate the ensuing collisions. Because of minimized gravitational effects, the granules will not be subject to buoyant or convective forces.


Poster presented at Utah State University Undergraduate Research Showcase. PDF available for download from link above.

Acknowledgments: Troy Munro; Sarah Isert; Victoria Ragsdale; Dayne Howard; Space Adventures; Russian Space Agency; University of Twente (2008, February 22). Granular Matter On The Boil Behaves Like Fluids. ScienceDaily.

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