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USU Student Showcase; Logan, Utah; 2011


Utah State University

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Dr. Heng Ban, USU Dept. of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


Nucleate boiling is a highly effective means of transferring heat, and as space exploration begins to reach farther from Earth, efficient heat management systems in microgravity are becoming increasingly important. In the summer of 2010, members of the USU Get Away Special (GAS) team flew aboard NASA’s Weightless Wonder in order to study the effect of various system parameters on nucleate boiling heat transfer behavior in microgravity. This one dimensional study of boiling used a new geometry never tried before and concluded that heat transfer rates during boiling in microgravity do not significantly differ from those observed on Earth. These results will allow for a more in depth study of the phenomenon and hopefully lead to the development of a two dimensional heater with important practical applications.


Poster presented at Utah State University Undergraduate Research Showcase. PDF available for download from link above.

Acknowledgments: Utah State GAS Team; Dr. Jan Sojka (Physics); Dr. JR Dennison (Physics); Dr. Heng Ban (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering); USU Physics Dept.; USU MAE Dept.; SpaceX; National Instruments; Space Dynamics Laboratory; Gil Moore; USU College of Science; USU College of Engineering; USU College of Education and Human Services; Rocky Mountain NASA Space Grant Consortium

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