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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Steven L. Barfuss


Steven L. Barfuss


As part of the Idaho Transportation department's GARVEE program, the 1-84 bridge structure at the New York Canal in Boise, Idaho, was widened in 2009. During the 2009 irrigation season, oscillation patterns were noticed at the bridge structure which resulted in erosion damage to the banks of the canal. After ITD consulted with Horrocks Engineers, a contract was established with the Utah Water Research Laboratory at Utah State University to construct a Froude scale model of the structure. The purpose of the model was to determine the cause of the oscillations, and develop an effective method to eliminate them. The model produced oscillations that were in Froude similitude with the structure in Boise, Idaho. The cause of these oscillations was not fully understood at the time this report was written, but various aspects of the canal system and bridge structure were determined to be contributing to the oscillations. The construction and analysis of the model resulted in the implementation of a nose cone on various columns in the bridge structure to disrupt the oscillations and stop the erosion from occurring. Construction of the new design will begin in December, 2010, and should be completed before the start of the 2011 irrigation season. Further investigations into the oscillation phenomenon are being continued at the UWRL.