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Creative Project

Streaming Media

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Master of Science (MS)


Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology

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Molly Cannon


Molly Cannon


David Byers


Judson Finley


This paper presents a comparative analysis of sandals from the Utah State University Museum of Anthropology Gordon Keller collection. The sandals were recovered by Dr. Gordon Keller during fieldwork in southeastern Utah. Through a discussion and analysis of sandal styles and their temporal reaches, how these sandals relate to known specimens and greater Desert West sandal trends is uncovered. One sandal is a plaited vegetable fiber sandal, believed to be yucca. Pending radiocarbon analysis, stylistically the sandal appears to date to approximately 1200 AD. The second is a pair of unusual leather hide sandals, constructed in a shape more common to vegetable fiber square-toe-square heel sandals than to other leather footwear, such as the Promontory Point Moccasins or Fremont moccasins. Based on the style, it is believed to come from the periphery of the Colorado Plateau and date somewhere between 1350 AD to 1540 AD.

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