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Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA)


Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

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David Anderson


David Anderson


Jake Powell


Darren McAvoy


Because of climate change, population expansion, and other factors, both wildfire and drought are becoming pressing concerns in Utah. Home landscaping can reduce risk of damage from wildfire (fire-protective landscaping) and contribute to lower water use (low-water landscaping). While it is important for homes in the wildland-urban interface in Utah to have landscaping that is both fire-protective and low-water, best practices for the two are often taught in ways that make them seem mutually exclusive. This project used existing research and best practices to develop a learning experience to teach homeowners how to implement landscaping that is both fire-protective and low-water. The ADDIE model of instructional design was used to guide the process of making the learning experience. The final product is an interactive, online course that will be published through Utah State University Extension and made available to the public. The course teaches best practices of fire-protective and low-water landscaping, how to make a landscape enjoyable to use, and the importance of making informed decisions about landscaping based on personal values.

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1. Welcome.mp4 (59524 kB)

2. What are Wildfires.mp4 (83228 kB)
What are Wildfires

3. The Fire Triangle.mp4 (146243 kB)
The Fire Triangle

4. Wildfire Travel.mp4 (48630 kB)
Wildfire Travel

5. Defensible Space.mp4 (71670 kB)
Defensible Space

6. Darren McAvoy Interview.mp4 (74242 kB)
Darren McAvoy Interview

7. Drought and Water Conservation.mp4 (76616 kB)
Drought and Water Conservation

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Cynthia Bee Interview

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Paul Harris Interview

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13. Best Practices Summary.mp4 (25010 kB)
Best Practices Summary

14. Example Walk-through.mp4 (229117 kB)
Example Walk-Through

15. Making a Plan.mp4 (88531 kB)
Making a Plan

16. Conclusion.mp4 (19689 kB)