Date of Award


Degree Type

Creative Project

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Art and Design

Committee Chair(s)

Amanda Lee


Amanda Lee


Kathy Puzey


Stephen Shepherd


Dennise Gackstetter


In 2022 I lost my Paternal Grandmother. I found that in addition to the loss of a dear matriarch I mourned everyday things lost to the past. From furniture to childhood relationships, I was made keenly aware of their absence. As I longed to spend more time in the past, I created a studio practice of printing and drawing, whereby I enable myself to spend hours a day in quiet introspection, just drawing and reflecting on my life as expressed by personal details.

My work melds renderings of everyday spaces and objects from memories of childhood and my present experience as a parent in order to highlight the significance of lived experiences, and to assert their worth for gaining an understanding of self. I share ordinary yet significant personal details with viewers to contextualize the importance of the quotidian in forming a personal identity. I further assert that there is valor in living a life full of personal significance, and that there is value to be discovered in ones’ own personal details. With the work in Personal Details, I invite consideration of the everyday things that add up to an individual life, while also providing a personal introduction by which I describe myself far more aptly than I could ever do with words alone.


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Additional Files

Assisted Living (Joanie)-DETAIL.jpg (271 kB)
Assisted Living-Detail

Assisted Living (Joanie).jpg (142 kB)
Assisted Living

Back Down The Corridor-DETAIL.jpg (339 kB)
Back Down the Corridor-Detail

Back Down The Corridor.jpg (180 kB)
Back Down the Corridor

Fake Lemon Smell-DETAIL.jpg (378 kB)
Fake Lemon Smell-Detail

Fake Lemon Smell.jpg (268 kB)
Fake Lemon Smell

Front Window Reception-DETAIL.jpg (2147 kB)
Front Window Reception-Detail

Front Window Reception.jpg (1439 kB)
Front Window Reception

GreenRock 6201* (Joanie)-DETAIL.jpg (384 kB)
GreenRock 6201*-Detail

GreenRock 6201* (Joanie).jpg (140 kB)
GreenRock 6201*

Laundry Room Triptych.jpg (1761 kB)
Gallery Installation View

Laundry Rooms, Ironing Boards.jpg (1543 kB)
Laundry Rooms, Ironing Boards

Starched Collars.jpg (1713 kB)
Starched Collars

Layered Sketchbook Project 1.jpg (2578 kB)
Sketchbook 1 (in gallery)

Layered Sketchbook Project 2.jpg (2907 kB)
Sketchbook 2 (in gallery)

Layered Sketchbook Project 3.jpg (2396 kB)
Sketchbook 3 (in gallery)

Layered Sketchbook Project 4.jpg (1904 kB)
Sketchbook 4 (in gallery)

Layered Sketchbook Project 5.jpg (2551 kB)
Sketchbook 5 (in gallery)

Layered Sketchbook Project 6.jpg (2607 kB)
Sketchbook 6 (in gallery)

Old Constants, and New-DETAIL.jpg (276 kB)
Old Constants, and New-Detail

Old Constants, and New.jpg (225 kB)
Old Constants, and New

Prairie Chairs-DETAIL.jpg (1479 kB)
Prairie Chairs-Detail

Prairie Chairs.jpg (1715 kB)
Prairie Chairs

Stacks for Sweeping.jpg (1944 kB)
Stacks for Sweeping

Sweeping Spaces-DETAIL.jpg (1783 kB)
Sweeping Spaces-Detail

Sweeping Spaces.jpg (1431 kB)
Sweeping Spaces

Tea Parties or Pit Stops-DETAIL.jpg (362 kB)
Tea Parties or Pit Stops-Detail

Tea Parties or Pit Stops.jpg (210 kB)
Tea Parties or Pit Stops

Work and Wonder-DETAIL.jpg (171 kB)
Work and Wonder-Detail

Work and Wonder.jpg (232 kB)
Work and Wonder