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Master of Science (MS)


Economics and Finance

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Lucas Rentschler


Lucas Rentschler


T. Scott Findely


Reza Oladi


This study analyzed the relationship between immigration attitudes and demographic and socioeconomic factors. It examined the difference in attitudes toward immigration in the immigrant population using General Social Survey 2021 data. The analysis with an ordered probit model reveals significant relationships between immigration attitude with several socioeconomic and demographic factors and how that differ between natives and immigrants. As age increases, support for limiting immigration increases, but this is not true for immigrants. With the increase of years of education, support for limiting immigration decreases; however, in the immigrant population, support for limiting immigration increases as the education level increases. Individuals who identify as Republican favor limiting immigration; on the contrary, Republican immigrants do not exhibit such attitudes. Furthermore, higher income is associated with opposing limiting immigration; however, this is not necessarily true for immigrants.

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