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Jeannie Thomas


Jeannie Thomas


Lynne McNeill


Christine Cooper-Rompato


The Weeping Woman statue of Logan City Cemetery has been an infamous subject of legends and gossip, often of a supernatural nature. Supernatural folklore is shaped by its surroundings, and consequently is often directly correlated with the sociocultural influences of the region it emerges from. Thematic and narrative elements are subject to change and evolve as a result of these factors, allowing for analysis as to how these legends are perceived. While uncovering the origins of the Weeping Woman, I first study and connect the real-life Julia Cronquist to the early variants of the legend that surround the statue on her grave. Cultural influences within the area are also analyzed, particularly the strong roots of Mormonism in Cache Valley and the beginnings of Logan as a pioneer town, as well as the religious influences of how grief is displayed in the city cemetery. Accounts of the Weeping Woman are then studied for common motifs, and common factors are analyzed to determine significant trends in legend elements and legend tripping styles, while accounting for the contextual backgrounds of the informants the accounts are attributed to. Following this analysis, it is concluded that the historical and cultural influences played a significant role in the shaping of the Weeping Woman legend, allowing for the legend to evolve into how the tale is perceived today.

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