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Political Science


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Education. The one thing everyone needs and no one thinks is good enough. Wherever students and policy makers turn there is the desire for something more, something better, coming out of the public education system. Over the years more and more funding has been poured into the education system in attempt to increase the student success rates and intellect of American students. However, American students are still behind internationally and more and more jobs are going to students from different countries. Is there a point when the money being funneled into education doesn’t make enough difference in student achievement and success? When looking at education spending economically, is it a problem of diminishing marginal returns? Is there a better way to spend money in education? Through this analysis, it is hoped that a greater understanding of the diminishing marginal returns on per-pupil spending will be evident and that the issues, other than simply spending, will be brought to the forefront of the education reform discussion. Also through this analysis, a better understanding of school funding, the type of funding that schools are receiving and how they are using said funding, and how that funding might be more successful in educating America’s children will be seen. It is not that the funding isn’t necessary, it is that the current funding is not doing what it America’s schools need.


This work made publicly available electronically on May 13, 2011.