Performance Characteristics of Rayon From Bamboo In Bed Sheets Through Laundering

Jennifer Kohler, Utah State University

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In recent years, consumers have been encouraged to purchase bamboo fabric for various applications, including bed sheets. A variety of claims and marketing campaigns have stated that the benefits of rayon from bamboo result in this fiber being a suitable option for bed sheets and other clothing and household products. The purpose of this study was to test the performance characteristics of rayon from bamboo to determine if it is an appropriate textile for the bed sheet application. To identify the performance characteristics of this fiber, three tests were conducted (a) dimensional stability; (b) fabric hand; (c) the weight, thickness, and density of the fabric. Each factor was tested during various stages of the laundering process resulting in data that illustrated the performance of rayon from bamboo bed sheets compared to cotton throughout the life cycle of the product. The findings contribute to the literature and suggestions for future research are also discussed.