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Master of Dietetics Administration (MDA)


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences

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Jennifer Oler


Jennifer Oler


Marlene Israelsen


Martha Archuleta


A study was conducted by researchers from Utah State University at Northland Strength and Conditioning/Combat CrossFit to determine the customer satisfaction levels at a CrossFit gym in Liberty, Missouri. A survey was created and sent to current and previous members and responses were analyzed for trends and areas of strengths and weaknesses in the business. Of 194 surveys sent, 67 (35%) were returned. Data was analyzed using the survey administration platform provided by Constant Contact and also by Excel spreadsheet and statistical analyses.

Several areas of improvement were identified, including advertising opportunities with exterior signage, offering more classes or different class times, and enhancing the customer experience to improvement regular attendance rates among members. After analyzing data for age and gender trends using ANOVA, there was found to be a small but statistically significant difference between male and female customer satisfaction, with males being slightly less satisfied with service than females. There was no difference in satisfaction rates among members based on age.

Further considerations for research at this location would include analyzing the customers’ likelihood of referring others to the business and what specific scheduling changes would be most likely to result in increased satisfaction with the gym’s class offerings and business hours.

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Food Science Commons