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Master of Science (MS)


Kinesiology and Health Science

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Dennis Dolny


Dennis Dolny


Trek Lyons


Lori Olsen


Objectives: Athlete’s nutritional habits and knowledge can directly affect their performance. The purpose of this study is to investigate the nutritional habits and knowledge of the Division I collegiate football player.

Methods: The participants of this study are male Division I college football players at Utah State University. The athletes included 45 players ranging from 18-26 and include freshman through seniors.

Results: Over eighty six percent of the athletes were unaware that a nutritionist was readily available to them. Sixty percent of the athletes were interested in meeting with the nutritionist. Forty percent of the athletes ate at a fast-food restaurant daily while 31.5% ate at these restaurants three to five days a week. Fifty one percent of the athletes answered “yes” to trying to “gain weight” while 40% answered “no”. Over forty six percent of the athletes rely on “strength coaches” for guidance and 25.5% for teammates &/or friends & family.

Conclusion: Continued research on dietary interventions would be helpful to determine the ideal way to improve nutrition knowledge on an individual and team basis. Given the proper guidance, the team would be able to see the benefits of proper nutrition and dietary habits both on and off the field.