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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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Donald Cooley


Nicholas Flann


Daniel Watson


Ideally, a testing center and associated software should be an effective tool for learning assessment. It should serve as a link between faculty members who create tests and their students who are assessed by those tests. Testing centers are generally limited in the number of computer systems available as compared to the number of students taking tests. Automated testing plays an important role in such situations. Automated testing outside the classroom offers students the flexibility of choosing a preferred time for taking tests. A completely automated system also contributes in reducing a portion of the workload by automatically grading some or all of the exams. This report presents a feature called \Automated Check-In and Scheduling". This feature uses magnetic card readers to provide an interface between a student and the testing system. This report also discusses a card swiper interface which is linked to a new scheduling system. Together, they provide for better utilization of a laboratory's resources. (51 pages)