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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

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Nicholas Flann


Nicholas Flann


Vicki Allan


Dan Watson


GUI and web based applications are becoming universal. Functional accuracy of those applications is vital. Software defects caused by poor software testing can cost billions of dollars. Further, web application defects can be costly due to the fact that most web applications handle regular user interaction. By improving the time efficiency of software testing, many of the costs associated with defects can be saved. Web application users generate large numbers of possible test-cases and out of all those test-cases only some of them are vital for functional testing. Therefore testing correctness of these applications is expensive and time consuming and hence challenging at times. However, software testing is often under time and budget constraints. Earlier studies came up with different abstract models to face this kind of challenges where a tester can select and execute a subset of all the possible test-cases (test-°©‐case prioritization) based on some criterion to assure performance goal. In the context of test suite prioritization, earlier studies showed that 2-way inter-window interaction coverage/criteria are effective at finding faults quickly in the test execution cycle. However, since faults may be caused by interactions between more than 2 parameters, in this project we exercise test suite prioritization by t-way combinatorial coverage of inter-window interactions on an existing web application Music-Store. Our results show that the rates of fault detection for 2-way and 3-way prioritization are very close to each other.