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Creative Project

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Master of Education (MEd)


Special Education and Rehabilitation

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Robert L. Morgan


Robert L. Morgan


Timothy Riesen


Marilyn Likins


Post-secondary educational and employment outcomes for students with high- incidence disabilities continue to lag far behind their nondisabled peers. A carefully designed timeline including evidence-based transition skills and practices may serve as a guideline for teachers and parents as they prepare student /child with high-incidence disabilities for successful transition into adulthood. This project examined the importance and age/grade-appropriateness of skills/activities on a transition timeline, based on ratings by teacher and parent focus groups. Participants included eight secondary teachers with at least10 years experience, and five parents of children with high-incidence disabilities who graduated from both high school and post-secondary school. Thirteen individuals participated in separate focus groups consisting of (a) parents (n=5), (b) middle-school teachers (n=5), and (c) high school teachers (n=3). Focus groups rated items on a scale of 1-4 for both importance and age/grade-appropriateness, then discussed each item. Data were analyzed based on median and range scores for each item, and the items were rank ordered according to importance and age/grade-appropriateness to produce a timeline of transition skills/activities for both parents and teachers. A final survey was given to participants to validate the timeline as a valuable resource to guide both parents and teachers.

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