Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Committee Chair(s)

Tam Chantem


Tam Chantem


Jacob Gunther


Koushik Chakraborty


There existed an aging electrical system that needed to be upgraded. An upgrade was necessary for this system because the cost to maintain the aging technology was becoming too great. There were, however, no available schematics or technical papers describing this system. In order to upgrade the system, it first needed to be reverse engineered. The system to be upgraded was a device that would pass data back and forth from a personal computer to a proprietary storage device. The device to be upgraded communicated with the personal computer over a standard Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) interface and with the proprietary storage device through a non-standard 92-pin interface. The SCSI interface needed to be replaced by an Ethernet interface. The 92-pin interfaced needed to be reverse engineered so that it could continue to interface with the storage device as that was not going to be changed in any way. This report describes this process from the beginning to the end. It includes the different phases needed to reverse engineer the custom interface and the design and testing of the newly designed electrical system to replace the aging technology.