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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Marc Maguire


Marc Maguire


Joseph Caliendo


Paul Barr


The objective of this report is to analyze and calibrate the reliability indices for shear in reinforced concrete bridge girders. Existing statistical models are based on limited experimental data from only a few research tests. These existing models show that our current procedures for analysis are about 10-15% less conservative for lightweight concrete compared to an analysis for normal weight concrete. Accurate load models are used to find shear and moment envelopes of loads applied to bridges. Analysis is based on different span lengths, span number and girder dimensions. Design calculations are performed using design values and loads calculated from load models. Different strength of concrete are also used to compare the reliabilities of various parameters. Results show that when using a professional factor of 1.0 and variability of 0.0 and a resistance factor of 0.8 can be applied to the AASHTO design equation for shear in reinforced concrete. After sorting approximately 100 previous lightweight beam tests a better understanding of lightweight concrete girders is known.