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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Mac McKee


Mac McKee


Sediment is a serious problem in the management of dams all over the world. In this project an interim sediment management plan for First Dam, on the Logan River in northern Utah, is discussed. The objective of the plan is to control the sediment budget of the reservoir in such a way that other reservoir maintenance activities (e.g., unusual draw downs for structural repairs) will produce minimal downstream environmental impacts on water quality and aquatic resources.

This report presents a detailed literature review of the various sediment management practices used for reservoir sediment control. It also discusses the downstream effects of sediment flushing and sluicing events. In addition, several sediment management alternatives applicable for the case study reservoir are discussed, including their advantages and disadvantages. An interim recommendation for sediment management at First Dam is proposed, and sampling and monitoring procedures required during and between sediment flushing events are proposed.

The future work of the project of which this report is a part will be to obtain results from sediment flushing experiments that are described here, to analyze the data obtained from these experiments for better assessment of sediment management plans for First Dam, and utilize this information to prepare general sediment management guidelines for small reservoirs in Utah.