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Master of Music (MMus)




It was the purpose of the recital to afford the performer an opportunity of developing overall musicianship and gaining insight into the teaching of brass instruments through the preparation and performance of several pieces of varied musical styles.

The writer elected to perform on trombone, baritone horn, and tuba. Successful performances had been done on trombone and baritone horn prior to the preparation of the master's recital. However, the tuba was a new performance experience because serious study of the instrument had only covered about one year.

The writer was specifically concerned with the selection of literature suitable to the needs and competencies of the performer, sufficient preparation of the pieces, and transfer problems between tuba, trombone, and baritone horn. Of primary importance was the obtaining of knowledge in all aspects of tuba playing and tuba literature. It is for this reason that the writer researched the history and literature of the tuba and not the trombone. Because the baritone horn is a member of the tuba family, its history coincides with that of the tuba.

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