Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



Committee Chair(s)

Oral L. Ballam


Oral L. Ballam


Malcom Allred


Arthur Jackson



It appears that technological innovations have increased pressures on all elements of society including education. The forces of change are creating pressures on the organization structure, teaching content, and teaching methodology. One of these technological innovations is the computer. Educators have shown increasing interest in the use of computers for classroom teaching, especially within the past few years , and many basic questions have been raised .

Statement of the problem

It was the purpose of this study to investigate the role of computer assisted instruction in our education process with emphasis on individualizing instruction, teacher's role, limitations, and future prospects.

Significance of the problem

Due to organizational changes and increased population, schools are faced with larger numbers of students . Rising costs and increasingly complex subject matter are also confronting educators. To meet these challenges schools must be more effective in the teaching process . There is some question as to whether the conventional buildings and " traditional" methods of instruction will meet all the needs of the students today . Computer assisted instruction could be a means of reaching more educational objectives and more of the needs of our students in the future.


This study was limited to the area of computer assisted instruction. The role of the computer in scheduling, counseling , use in the instructional media center, or varied use s in a school district central office was not a part of this study. No attempt was made to study the costs of computer assisted instruction nor the intricacies of how a digital computer operates.