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Master of Education (MEd)



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Arthur D. Jackson


Arthur D. Jackson


In 1931, the Department of Superintendents, National Education Association, in their Nineth Yearbook, put "Pupil Promotion" as first in a listing of five factors needing study . In 1966, more than three decades later, the effects of promotion or nonpromotion, still remain the subject of serious consideration among educators. The problem has been the subject of research studies and many opinion articles.

The Iron County School District, Cedar City, Utah, has advocated a policy of careful evaluation for each child considered for nonpromotion . The philosophy of the district which advocates adjusting instruction to meet individual differences should eliminate, except in rare cases, the need for nonpromotion. The policy, however, has not been accepted without opposition or argument; for there are those who feel that the sole responsibility of the school is to meet the academic needs of the child and that grade standards must be met.