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Roice H. Anderson


Utah ranks seventh in production of wool in the United States. The states in their order are Texas, Wyoming, California, Colorado, Montana, South Dakota and Utah. Utah produced 11,445,000 pounds of wool in 1963, valued at $5,265,000.

Box Elder is the fifth ranking county in wool production in the state of Utah. The leading counties are Sanpete, Utah, Uintah, Iron and Box Elder. According to census data, Box Elder produced 547,600 pounds of wool in 1959 . According to Agricultural and Conservation Service records, in 1959 89,000 pounds of farm flock wool was sold in Box Elder County. This is approximately one-sixth of the wool produced in the county. The Box Elder wool pool, organized in 1959, has sold an average of 47,000 pounds of wool per year during the past seven years. This accounts for about one-half of the farm flock sales. The balance has been sold by non-pool producers.