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Helen Lundstrom


Helen Lundstrom


Speeches are given and articles are written about the changing dimensions of the world of work. As knowledge increases and improvements are made in the field of business, jobs vary accordingly. Since change is inevitable and desirable, business education courses need to prepare students for tomorrow.

Rose states that:

Business education subject matter is neither static nor parochial . Electronics have accelerated the world's business and is creating a near revolution in our vocational business education classroom.

This near revolution mentioned by Rowe has caused me to ask, "Are my students going out into the business world knowing what is expected of them? Are my class projects meaningful? Am I doing all I can to bridge the gap between school and that first job?" The answer to these questions can be found by evaluating and appraising vocational programs in terms of the needs of the students and the business community.

In order to meet the changing needs of business education, teachers must plan. Rowe said, 'The development and periodic revision of courses of study or syllabi is the first step toward improvement of instruction.