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Master of Arts (MA)



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A. L. Dittmer


A. L. Dittmer


The purpose of this writing is to:

1. to clarify and give added meaning to the recital which is being presented partially in place of a master's thesis

2. to give expression to those studies which the author feels are most helpful in strengthening him In his teaching.

The paper will consequently consist of four sections; one will deal with the vocal mechanism which should be thoroughly understood by every vocal teacher, whether he may work with young teen-agers or college students. The next two sections will cover the development of vocal pedagogy and the evolution of the art song. The last section will be concerned with a discussion of the numbers performed at the recital. Since the previous chapter on the art song already covers most of the composers, the discussion of the recital numbers will pertain mostly to an analysis of the difficulties encountered by the performer and his response to the various songs.