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An ever-increasing number of youth, upon leaving school, are finding employment in the distributive organizations--stores of all kinds, wholesale establishments, brokerage concerns, and other businesses. Studies and investigations show that more extensive and more effective training for employment is one of the outstanding needs of youth and adult workers in these occupations. It was to supply these needs in part, at least that, in succession of vocational a c ts, Congress provided for the training of persons employed in distributive occupations.

J. W. Edgerton, Public Relations Director for thew. T. Grant Company , in commenting on the Nation's strength and distributive education , stated:

Considering the fact that 53 percent of the total job opportunity exists in the distributive occupations, it becomes obvious that distributive education has a mighty job to do . • . a mighty responsibility ••• a mighty opportunity.

To meet the increasing need for trained personnel in the distributive occupations, Tooele High School started a cooperative distributive education program in the 1964-1965 school year. Enrollment steadily increased. Twenty-five students were enrolled during the 1968-1969 school year.

With the increasing emphasis that has been placed on vocational education by the Vocational Education Ac t of 1963, and the 1968 Amendments, the business education department at Tooele High School was faced with the challenge of providing suitable training stations within the business community. There was also a need to advise the parents and students in the area supported by Tooele High School of the need for training in a distributive occupation.

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