Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



Committee Chair(s)

Max F. Dalby


Max F. Dalby


The graduate recital provided an opportunity to reach a new level of performance, a deeper understanding and appreciation of the arts, and a wider knowledge of all aspects affecting one's proficiency as a musician and teacher.

The literature was selected to be representative of the various styles and periods and to feature the special characteristics of the solo instrument, The program for this recital was chosen and approved according to the established tradition of the department of music.

The study and preparation necessary for the performance of these works provided a valuable learning experience that constitutes the most important part of this project, The understanding that any challenge in performance ultimately leads back to a basic mechanical problem has developed an awareness of the importance of fundamentals, Hopefully, the results of this deeper insight will be seen in both teaching and performance.

To more fully understand the musical content of the works performed it was important to review the circumstances and the genius that produced these works, and to consider their place in music literature. and history.