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Master of Science (MS)



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Theodore W. Ivarie


Theodore W. Ivarie


Economic, social, and political events in recent years have had a profound affect on American education in general and on business education in particular. Many challenges that have confronted the nation have spotlighted the need for greater economic literacy of the American people. Education has long included among its objectives the development of economic efficiency and responsible citizenship (Daughtrey, 1965).

Business education is concerned with two major aspects of the education of youth:

A. The knowledge, attitudes, and nonvocational skills needed by all persons to be effective in their personal economics and in their understanding of our economic system.

B. The vocational knowledge and skills needed for initial employment and for advancement in a business career. (Policies Commission for Business and Economic Education, n.d., p. 1)

Economic activities are an indispensable part of the daily lives of every person. Ample provision should be made through the curriculum for every student to:

A. Develop economic literacy

B. Gain an understandi ng and appreciation of our economic system

C. Become an intelligent consumer of goods and services. (Policies Comission for Business and Economic Education, n.d., p. 1)