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Gary Smith


The development of education in the United States to its present standard has been a major contribution to the concept of democracy the world over. The education of people has been all-important to industrial progress.

Vocational training for distributive occupations is not in opposition to other kinds of education; in fact, vocational education is a vital part of education for a great number of persons. vocational training for distributive occupations has definite fundamental contributions to make toward the achievement of the major purposes of education in a democracy. These major purposes of vocational education are usually stated as: self-realization, civic responsibility, understanding of human relationships, and economic efficiency.

Distributive education is one of the areas of vocational education. Many teachers, school administrators, parents, businessmen, and other workers in education actually have a limited understanding of what "distributive education" is or includes.

The field of distributive education embraces retail, wholesale, and service businesses. The number of people involved in distributive occupations represents one of the three largest occupational clusters in the American economic system.

In every community, an unmistakable partnership exists between the school and business and industrial segments of the community. Business and industry are in continual need of qualified personnel to staff broadening and expanding enterprises. The school, at the same time, needs the counsel of business and industry to make certain that the training programs in the school are meaningful and realistic.

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