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Master of Business Administration (MBA)



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Lawrence G. Taylor


Lawrence G. Taylor


Marketing , some people say, need not be very complicated or costly. Their argument is summarized in Emerson's old adage, "If a man...makes a better mousetrap...the world will beat a path to his door." Such persons are sure that all one must do to succeed in business is to develop a good product,

The mousetrap adage may perhaps have been true when it was first expressed, but it certainly is not true today . The creation and production of a good mousetrap--or any other good product--in and of itself, is not enough to assure a man's fortune, In modern, well-developed economies the grass might well grow high on the path to the factory.

Today the design and production of a good product is only one step, The producer must also study consumer demand. He may have to advertise his product, and arrange for transportation and warehousing . Finally, he must sell it, In accomplishing these steps he may need the aid of wholesalers and retailers, The whole process is complex, specialized, and sometimes very expensive.

The marketing of the Taylor Soil Moisture Tester fits the introductory statement completely. It is a good product as we shall see when comparing it to other moisture measuring devices. It is less expensive than competitive testers. There also is a need for the information the instrument can provide. Yet the product has not sold in sufficient volume to make a profitable manufacturing operation, If increased sales of the unit can be achieved through use of the information recommended in this study the experience of conducting the study will be rewarding both academically and financially.