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Two stores side by side have, under the free enterprise system, usually more than twice the business of a single store. Merchants of the world recognize the value of this cumulative pull; it is implicit in every Main Street, every Fifth Avenue, every crossroads store group.

In this paper, we are interested in shopping centers, which are compound of the department store, the rural general store, the downtown shopping block, and a traditional street market. This new type of store group will usually be under single ownership, a dominating fact which will show itself through a certain architectural unity which ties the stores together. Each tenant will have been selected by the center to fit into a pre-ordained pattern of merchandising. Together, this group of tenants will be able to supply all of the shopper's day-to-day needs. The typical customer of this new type of shopping center will be driving a private car. Instead of occupying a ground area of approximately three square feet, as a pedestrian, the auto shopper required an area of approximately 300 square feet before dismounting. The area allocated for parking will exceed the actual floor area of the stores by as much as three to one.

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