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Master of Science (MS)




In the 1959-60 Utah State University catalogue a new program is outlined for graduate study towards a Master of Science Degree in Music Education. under the provisions of this section a candidate may elect a thesis project or a lecture-recital (16 p. 124). After conferring with his committee, the writer decided to choose a lecture-recital should be confined to specialization in the field of woodwind instrumental instruction. Under the provisions outlined by his adviser, Prof. Max F. Dalby, the writer was to perform on all of the five major woodwind instruments -- flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, and bassoon. In addition to this he would be required to program student groups on the recital demonstrating ability to teach woodwind students on all instruments and at all levels of advancement, thus showing through this recital not only ability as a performer but also ability as a master teacher.

In planning the recital, the committee recommended that the writer perform one of the Bach flute Sonatas. His six Sonatas are considered classics in the standard repertoire for flute. Therefore, it was logical that one of them should be included on the program. After studying and listening to recordings of the six Sonatas, the writer decided to perform the Sonata in g minor.

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