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Master of Education (MEd)


Kinesiology and Health Science

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Arthur Mendini


Arthur Mendini


William Ronald Ross


Lanny J. Nalder


Amateur wrestling is one of our finest interscholastic sports. Although it is one of many sports that involves both individual and team competition, the individual wrestler classified according to weight, seems to receive more recognition than in many other sports .

Hence, the ultimate of individual expression in wrestling is the tournament. The growing emphasis on multi-team wrestling tournaments, has presented a problem in organizing and administering such a tournament. Little has been done in the past to help the inexperienced coach obtain the necessary information needed to help him feel confident about volunteering to direct and host a tournament.

It is being recognized that the organization and administration of multi-team events is not something that is hit or miss, trial and error, or merely a matter of experience. There is evidence to show that well-organized sports competitions provide for increasingly better competition and allows more freedom to coaches, participants, and spectators.

The good organizer and/or administrator will get the job done by clear and exact procedures . It is hoped that this paper will be of some help in the multi-team tournament, both in organizing and coordinating of a team tournament.

At least a person possessing the ability to organize all the details prerequisite to a smooth running, successful tournament, is necessary. The athletic director, coach, or director of the tournament, cannot assume personal responsibility for all the myriad of details concerned with a well-organized wrestling tournament. He must delegate specific duties to other responsible, hard working, individuals