Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Second Language Teaching (MSLT)


World Languages and Cultures

Committee Chair(s)

Abdulkafi Albirini


Abdulkafi Albirini


Karin DeJonge-Kannan


Cinthya Saavedra


This portfolio is a compilation of the author’s beliefs and practices of what constitutes effective second language teaching. It is based on the author’s teaching philosophy and the work has been done during two years of study at the Master of Second Language Teaching (MSLT) program. The teaching philosophy centers on how to implement communication inside the language classroom, develop literacy, integrate culture teaching into language instruction, and how to use technology to facilitate language learning and teaching. The teaching philosophy is followed by three artifacts, which review the literature addressing different topics on language, literacy, and culture. The language artifact discusses the concept of error correction in the language classroom, the literacy artifact presents the use of dialogue journals to develop writing abilities, and the culture artifact addresses teaching the appropriate ways of performing refusals in English. Finally, the portfolio is extended and concluded by an annotated bibliography exploring the four themes of the teaching philosophy.